Buying with us

You can be assured when buying a GM London home that you are purchasing an exceptional property, but we understand that this is a big decision. That is why we’re committed to making your experience as straightforward and stress-free as possible, and you can expect excellent customer service and support throughout the purchase process.

Property Purchase Timeline


Once your offer has been accepted, you will need to confirm your reservation with a signed agreement and pay a reservation fee. The estate agent will issue a memorandum of sale.

Exchanging Contracts

Exchange of contracts usually happens 28 days after reservation. On exchange your solicitor will swap signed contracts with GM London’s solicitor, and this will legally bind both parties to the sale. Your solicitor will also transfer to us your exchange deposit, minus the already-paid reservation fee. Two-weeks prior to completion we will invite you to access Spaciable – our online homeowner’s portal, where you will find your bespoke Homeowner’s Guide, as well as all certificates and user manuals.

Legal Completion

Legal completion usually happens 28 days after the exchange of contracts, but this can sometimes vary depending on circumstance. Upon legal completion, your solicitor will release the remaining purchase funds to GM London and the ownership of the property will be legally transferred to you. You will then receive the keys to your new home!


You will be invited to a welcome meeting, where we will explain some of your home’s key features and you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have. There is an eight-week snagging period during which you can report any cosmetic imperfections or defects, which we will then promptly rectify.

Buying Guide

To give you a full overview of the purchase process and let you know what to expect, we’ve pulled together a handy GM London Buying Guide.

If you reserve your GM London property through the Help To Buy scheme, you will be able to purchase a new-build property with just a 5% deposit (minimum). For London properties, the government will lend qualified buyers up to 40% of the property price and the remaining amount will be covered by a buyer-arranged mortgage. No interest or fees are charged for the first five years of the equity loan. For guidance on Help To Buy, please visit