Swan House, Kingston upon Thames

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GM London is bringing forward plans to redevelop 45-51 High Street and 30 South Lane, Kingston to deliver 34 new homes and high-quality, flexible office space.
CGI – View of the commercial entrance from the High Street

The site sits within the Kingston Old Town Conservation Area and is adjacent to the Riverside South Conservation Area, which are both located towards the eastern banks of the River Thames and run south of Kingston Old Town Centre. The buildings on site are identified in the Kingston Town Centre, Area Action Plan as being of average-poor quality, whilst currently providing a dull and unattractive frontage onto High Street and South Lane respectively.

GM London is proposing to bring this site back into use, delivering high-quality private and affordable homes and ground floor office space; a mix of uses appropriate for this location on the edge of the town centre. This investment will regenerate a brownfield site, with strong transport links, for much needed housing whilst also providing employment opportunities and an active frontage for this stretch of the high street.

Our plans will:

  • Deliver 34 new high-quality private and affordable homes
  • Provide flexible, modern workspace with employment opportunities
  • Bring underused buildings back to life to help meet housing targets, in a brownfield location with strong transport links
  • Deliver a sustainable, car-free development with a focus on green features throughout

This site has remained undeveloped for many years, and there is an opportunity to create a place where people want to live and positively contribute to the character of the area. The site consists of Swan House, an existing four-storey office building, two further existing three-storey office buildings, an existing two-three-storey warehouse / office building and existing car parks.

Two different planning applications have been submitted to the Royal Borough of Kingston in the past ten years for different uses on the site. In 2014, a proposal for 140 one-bed student apartments was proposed and subsequently refused by the Council.

Following this, in 2017, a 420-pupil school with 11 residential flats was approved. However, it soon transpired that a school was no longer needed at this location, and the site was sold by the Department for Education. The same architect that worked on that project has been retained for this project and the design principles set out in that approved application have been the starting point for this new development.

With focus now turning towards the revitalisation of our town centres, we feel that a mixed-use development, providing high-quality riverside apartments and flexible working space, is the most appropriate way to bring this site back in to use.

CGI – View of the proposal from the North